Potable water, renewable energy, biofertilisers and other outputs from bio-refineries at competitive prices.

Compliance, measurable and traceable high leverage effects, impacts and returns. 

Rewarded wastewater and/or biodegradable wastes considered as raw material

Prana Sustainable Water

Profitable circular economy with added value and leaving no one behind.

Carbon offset, environment and biodiversity protection.

Wastewater based epidemiology management.

Bioval.EXchange is a Swiss based company (WasteWater Currency LLC was previously initiated by Valerie Issumo, economist and Jean-Benoit Charrin, lawyer specialised in Human Rights and water legal matters under Prana Sustainable Water LLC) has received numerous awards and prizes for its innovation for resilience (e.g. from WWF Impact Hub Zurich, Prix Suisse de l’Ethique and at Singapore Water Week) peer reviewed by the advisory board member of Pictet Water FundFrosts&Sullivan and WaterLex

Circular economy technologies generating bio-electricity, bio-fertilisers and/or potable water by transforming wastewater, sludge and bio-degradable wastes are available in two models:  tailor made and ready-to-use (zero waste bio-refineries to be decentralised, relocated and networked).

We empower People, Corporates and Municipalities by easing the financing of bio-refineries (e.g. through carbon credits, impact finance and/or with sales agreements such as power purchase agreements)  and by adding value to bio-refinery technologies as follows: 

  • rewarding smart-metered biodegradable wastes and/or wastewater
  • pro-actively organising the off-takes of the outputs of the bio-refineries;
  • reducing uncertainties and interdependency risks thanks to virus detection in wastewater for early warnings, monitoring and tracking.
Prana Sustainable Water