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We are open to partnerships, have crossed membership with the Swiss Development Cooperation Water Network ResEau and we are members or signatories of the following initiatives:

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UNEP Global WasteWater Initiative

"Sewage is a commodity and this is a way forward for realising its value for the common good."
Dr David Lloyd Owen
Envisager, United Kingdom
"Prana Sustainable Water's (now WA2REX) guidelines to sell treated wastewater as a new commodity from decentralised sanitation is a good opportunity to separate wastewater qualities for more efficient wastewater treatments to produce energy and fertilisers."
Dayanand Panse
Founder director, Ecosan Services Foundation, India
"Converting treated wastewater into a commodity financed through offers and demands on an organized market can help to solve sanitation finance and water contamination at a large scale"
Mr Kajetan Hetzer
Former Country Partnership Officer for Water Resources Group, International Finance Corporation at World Bank.
Current Executive Director of the Take-a-Stake Fund


Professor Jan-Erik Meidell
Ph.D Lecturer & Professor in different universities for statistics, IT, artificial intelligence,  Swiss National Bank’s PhD course in economics and econometrics for doctoral students. Former FINMA approved director for the investment and industry sectors. Experience in developing algorithms, statistical trading strategies, and software for financial markets and corporate finance. 

GeoExpertise.org expert in water, hydrology, wastewater, health and agri mapping and collaborating with States, United Nations, Institutions active in water resources management and the Civil Society is guaranteeing independent license to operate.

Engineer Thea WR
Energy Engineer, experienced in Business Administration & Management in various industries (FinTech, Real Estate, Welding, etc.), both in advisory and consultant roles, with strong tech skills, loves research and problem solving.

Mr David Bowie stated  “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming”. 

We All generate biodegradable wastes every day: basic revenues thanks to the up-cycling of those raw material in possible leaving no one behind. Please use our form if you want it for you, your company or for people you like.