Use our – free of charge – Form to become the enabler and beneficiary of:
  • a healthy environment and protected biodiversity via our circular economy and matchmaking solutions;
  • increased purchase power thanks to our Back2You rewarding scheme and reduced production costs and risks;
  • fighting virus spread through wastewater based epidemiology.
In addition to those advantages, our members can plan, get priorities and become more resilient via a yearly subscription of USD 1’800,-  through alerts for:
  • by-products from bio-refineries such as bio-electricity, bio-fertilisers and potable water;
  • carbon offsets and/or monthly reports on interdependency stress-tests for strategic resilience; 
  • investment opportunities in decentralised bio-refineries backed-up with off-take commitments for the outputs of those transformation plants and with secured sourcing of necessary raw materials (bio-wastes and wastewater) and therefore guaranteeing a good return on investments and a short pay-back period.

Our company reserves its rights to accept or refuse any membership requests. Members are not entitled to use our rights, trademarks and/or patent without our consent. Users of our solution and services authorise our company to use their data for our matching and rewarding services.

We support  1MYAC  One Million Youth Actions Challenge

Also expert in cross-sectorial interdependency stress-tests, early 2019, our company officially pointed out and insisted on the need to detect virus (e.g. SARS Covid, Meningitis, Cholera, Poliomyelitis) in wastewater. In 2020, scientists agreed that the SARS Covid-19 global pandemic could have been avoided thanks to our warnings and proposed solution schematised as follows: 

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